You deserve more fun, more pleasure, and more movement in your life... And find the courage of the radical change you crave in your life !

Feeling at ease with your body, finding your power... It's not just for others!

It can be so easy to forget yourself, to cut yourself off from the sensations of your body.

Is this you?

  • You are stuck in repetitive behaviors for a very long time
  • You lack clarity about your projects
  • You can't feel what is good or right for you
  • You feel a lack of flow in your body as well as in your life
  • You find it difficult to be regular in the practices that make you feel good,
  • You do a lot and you don't know how to balance your energy

It's time for a SHIFT! A deep and a long lasting change!

Today you feel that you are ready :

To find your unique dance in this world

To be a warrior moved by your intuition and held by your discipline

Do less, be & feel more

What do you need to take this step for yourself ?

  • Dare to speak your yes, your no, and set clear boundaries
  • Undo repetitive patterns and create a real shift in your life
  • Learn short and easy tools that will help you to change your daily life for good.
  • Feeling the pleasure of moving your body on the music, with these fun & creative practices

What you need to know...

Giving yourself time means anchoring the change deeply.

In your sensuality you find your power

You can transform your pain and your blockages into your greatest strength.

This is not just for the others.

I can say that I have experienced all those stages of growth in the deepness of my core

So yes, I know what you are going through !

So yes, I feel what you are going through !

Imagine if you could...

Walk down the street, proud of your body and never hide again!

Be cristal clear on how to take your place with your body, your voice, your mind and... your heart, always!

Allow yourself to feel all your emotions and manage them with ease on a daily basis!

This is what I can offer to you with my “SHIFT for Her” coaching program !

We move forward, hand in hand, day by day, week after week, for 3 months. You end with

the short programs that you forget almost instantly!

Time, slowness and baby steps are the only way to taking quantum leap !

Life shows us that what goes too fast does not stay...

This program is tailor-made for your body, for your soul and for your warrior's heart

What you get is a tailor made guidance:

  • A weekly session of 1 hour in zoom or at my practice.
  • I am available when needed through your favorite App, 3 days a week.
  • Regular videos and audios of short practices, created according to your needs, to anchor the change for good!


One-off payment

Monthly payments

3 x 650€

3 monthly payments

What my clients say :


" You give me just the right setting and the right words to make this journey within myself. I feel safe in your presence.

You give me the tools and the right habits to move forward in a more balanced and grounded way."


"A fabulous session beyond my expectations. Emmanuelle's gentle guidance and accurate

words guided me to reconnect with myself. I feel filled with myself with lightness and completeness.

Thank you so much!"


"I had a lot of confidence in you as I knew already a little bit about your work and what you

offer. It resonates a lot in me. I love your voice, I love how safe I feel with you, I love the energy that comes through in the space."

How does a session work?

Each session lasts 1 hour. During the session, we follow your needs, no program is planned in advance, we feel what is alive in the present moment. Do you need to move, to dance? So’ll be it! On the contrary, do you want to meditate in silence? This is also possible! You need a treatment that focuses on the mind and spirit? Let's go!

In any case, an energetic healing is given in each session.

Can I take a break from the program (if I go on holiday for example)?

Yes of course, a break of 2 weeks is possible.

How can I be sure that I will get results?

The results depend on your commitment. What I do know is that what happens during those

3 months of coaching will be totally aligned with your needs!

I am Emmanuelle

I am an energetic healer who works with the body, for the body and through the body.

I guide women to find back this inner spark, their power, by voicing their "no", freeing their body in embodiment & waking up to the radical truth they were not able to see before

My purpose on this earth is to transmute suffering into strength, joy and pleasure.

I explore life, without compromise, with passion. I now put these explorations at your service so that you can experiment yours, in a safe way. By bringing in humor, we can navigate between depth and lightness!

I have this ability to see, feel and channel beyond the visible. At your service

With Love.


© 2024 Emmanuelle Elkrief