Dance your Spirit

The Workshop

"Let's remember the joy you can experience by living in your body"

Dancing & speaking your truth !

An energetic healing session through dancing &meeting like-minded women

When is the last time you felt at home in your body ?

When is the last time you felt so relaxed that your mind was quiet ?

What you experience in this

Sacred embodied women circle :

From thinking to feeling

  • Tensions in your body are dissolving, minute after minute. Resting & dancing at the same time
  • You finally experience this "here and know" sensation, this "lacher-prise"
  • You can express in a safe space, the challenges you're going through
  • Dancing with no self judgements of how it should look like !
  • You are in the pure joy and innocence of your dance
  • You release your hips and welcome your sensual feminine self
  • No steps, nothing to achieve, no performance, no perfection needed, you release the control
  • The music is a heart opener
  • You bring self love and gentleness to you body. You make peace with your body.
  • You don't feel alone anymore
Because you are done being so hard on yourself.

Because meditation is a punishment

Find the sacred dance of your soul & dare to take your space !

The gifts you bring back with you :

  • Feeling space in your body and in your mind
  • No more back and shoulder pain
  • Remembering that dance is a magic and powerful tool!
  • Your serenity is a gift to yourself and to the people around you
  • You feel connected to the sensations of your body and you want more of that in your life
  • You have tools to slow down. You can practice at home
  • You are connected to link minded women, to your sister tribe !

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The Workshops to come in August in Tel Aviv

before I go back to Geneva in September !

Saturday 19 of August from 10.00 to 11.30 am

Thursday 24 of August from 7.30 to 9 pm

Saturday 26 of August from 10.00 to 11.30 am

in Jaffa, Tel Aviv

3 Pinhas Ben Yair Street, The Greek Market, Jaffa

1 workshop 120 NIS

2 workshops 200 NIS

Each workshop is independent of the other

Discover my ONE TO ONE session in Tel Aviv. It gives you access to one FREE Workshop.

If you want to experience a radical change, an energetic alignement, a felt-sense of deep connection to your body, and receive the profound insights you need for your personal journey.

Special New Moon Circle

An opportunity to a new beginning !

Thursday 17 of August at 8 pm

I am grateful to be welcomed at The Studio Elisabeth Nattiv for a special New Moon Circle. My longing is to help you feel more than ever connected to your body, to your gut feeling and experience how it is to dance and rest at the same time.

No steps needed, just slowing down to feel yourself again and remember that you live every day in this incredible body : precious, magic & full of wisdom !

Connect to a sacred space and receive what you need in divine timing !

Studio Elisabeth Nattiv Yoel St. 7 Tel Aviv. 120 NIS

I am Emmanuelle

I am a dancer, a choreographer, a healer. I am a healing dance coach

I facilitate deep transformative spaces for women of all ages.

Dancing transformed my relationship to my body: from abuse and self-sabotage to respect and self-love. It made me access the depth of my soul.

I have spent my life exploring the sensations of the body and this is my expertise today.

I can tell you that there are so many invisible treasures in this body that the mind cannot even imagine…!

Let's choose joy and dance because life goes on, no matter what!

My mission is
I help women of all ages to empower themselves by voicing their NO, freeing their body in embodiment & waking up to the radical truth they were not able to see before.

And dare to speak your truth from yyour guts and heart, with no compromise!

I have this deep longing for any woman to be willing to accept their human imperfection and be at peace with slowing down, stopping self judgement and mind fucks, and daring to be fully themselves, out of shame ! And finding back their sensual essence !

Falling in love with their body and finding back their power and self-confidence to navigate the world from a place of deep self love and not giving a s...!

I didn't come to dance when I began my personal development journey

Dance chose me and it has been my long life personal development tool!

Finding YOUR unique expression as a way to find back your self-confidence and your self-esteem

You go back home,

with clarity. You dare to express and act on what you want and what you don't want anymore

with a light body, an empty mind, energized, in love with yourself

You made your body and your soul feel good!

You enjoyed the music, those who know me know this is my secret!

In September 2023, I launch my 3 MONTHS ONLINE PROGRAM for us women, to find empowerment in sisterhood by going home into our bodies, and finding the gold, trust & support of such spaces !

And reaching our next level !

The super power to be connected to like-minded women! Because we don't want to do it alone anymore !

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